Teacher Interview Outfit: How to Look to Get the Job!

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Teacher Interview Outfit

A teacher’s wardrobe can run the gamut. We have our set of teacher tees for those coveted jeans days, dress pants for tying shoes and sitting at the rug for circle time, and dresses for parent teacher conferences. We know what to wear to do the job, but what should you wear to get the job? Your teacher interview outfit shouldn’t stress you out more than the interview. So take a peek below for the basics on how to put together the teacher interview outfit of your dreams!

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Make Your Teacher Interview Outfit Comfortable!

Comfort is, without a doubt, a huge importance for an interview day. If you look phenomenal but can’t lift your arms all the way, are sweating from too many layers, or itching from a pesky tag, you may look the part, but you won’t be able to concentrate! Your teacher interview outfit should be a balance of looking professional, but still being comfortable. That’s why I love these paper bag waist pants from Amazon!

They are so comfy yet cute, I bought two! (Blue Gray and Black). They look incredibly chic but they are so comfortable, I forget I’m dressed to impress. This is exactly the type of outfit you want to make a first impression but still be able to be on your mental A game.

For Skirts and Dresses: Think Maxi!

Teacher Interview Outfit

If you prefer a dress or skirt over pants, go for it! You want to be comfortable and feel like yourself. That being said, on top of everything on your mind during an interview, you don’t want to also worry about showing too much skin, if your legs are crossed the wrong way, or sitting down and having your dress or skirt hike up (we’ve all been there!). I love these long flowy skirts for those moments. You get the dressed up feeling without the extra skin or worry. Plus, they have pockets!

This is a great wardrobe that can be used at an interview, in the classroom or for a date night! I especially love a long skirt for early childhood classrooms- you can wear this when you teach and get down on the rug with your littles with ease. Plus it’s versatile for summer or winter! A definite worthwhile purchase.

Add a Blazer to Complete Your Teacher Interview Outfit

Teacher Interview Outfit Inspiration

A blazer is the key to taking your look from teacher down the hall to teacher we want to hire down the hall! It’s a simple trick that brings any teacher interview outfit from great to professional! When you’re putting together your outfit, grab a blazer and throw it on before you look in the mirror. It is a simple way to upgrade any look to professional. You want to look approachable but also be taken seriously for the rockstar teacher that you are. This is how you get that balance. I love the length of this one from Amazon!

Wear a Higher Neckline

Teacher Interview Outfit Inspiration

A job interview is not the place you want to experience a wardrobe malfunction, if you catch my drift. The higher the neckline, the less you have to worry about in that department. I don’t want to be covered up in a turtleneck when I’m interviewing, which is why I LOVE this find from Amazon. It’s got a high neckline but adorable print and cut. It looks great under a blazer or cardigan or can be worn on it’s own in those hot last few days of school.

What would you add to a teacher interview outfit? Have these tips worked for you? What is a definite no-no in your book? I adore chatting with you all, so leave a comment below so we can chat together about what to wear to get the job! 


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