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It is finally getting to be time for me to sink my teeth into my classroom and begin to set up for a brand new year. Classroom setup is one of my favorite things about a fresh year. I love to redesign and put a lot of thought into my set up. Bulletin boards are one of my FAVORITE things to do. I put my heart and soul into design that I have found myself scrambling last minute for all the necessary paperwork to send home with my sweet new little ones for their grownups.


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This product comes with 13 different forms to use at Back to School time as well as anytime throughout the year! Plus, don’t they look great on Astrobright paper? I love to copy those beginning of the year forms on different colors for multiple reasons. When I go into a student’s file and need a form, I can find it quickly if I know what color I’m looking for. Plus, when collecting all those forms, if one goes missing, it’s a helpful way to help students and parents when you can say, “We’re missing your contact sheet- the green form!”

Here’s a highlight of some of my favorites from the pack!

Info about your students!

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This is where I can find out logistics about them, such as their favorite color or book as well as how the parent would describe their child. I like to know their strengths and perhaps any hardships that their child may be going through.

I have to admit, I never thought of a family holiday survey until working with my teaching BFF for the first time a few years ago. Holiday Surveys are SO helpful throughout the year. I love being able to know what they celebrate and calling on parents to help us learn more about their cultures in the classroom!

Contact Info and Communication Log!

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It dawned on me this year. Why create a separate Contact Card and Communication Log? Everytime I made a phone call I took out both- why not combine them? Now I have a contact form with a communication log already started directly below it! I photo copy my full page Communication Log on the back of it to continue going should I need to! It’s the little things sometimes that get me excited and this was one of them!

Release Forms and Transportation Forms

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Whether we find it a sad reality or a smart tactic, I always feel more comfortable when I have a few release forms signed at the start of the year. Every time I participated in ANY food related activity, I used to give myself the heebie jeebies! I was constantly worried that a child would slip an M&M while counting during Math when at home they have a strict no sugar policy or touch an ingredient during a whole group cooking activity and discover an allergy for the first time! Now, I have my families sign a Snack and Food Release. It sounds so silly, but food is a huge component of my classroom. It makes so many lessons come to life, and while many times we are only handling the food and not eating it, I want to be able to use these fun reinforcers without the worry!

(We have a district wide technology and photo release form that is filed out by all students, but I’ve always created my own technology release as well. It allows me to photograph or video record students for our classroom twitter as well as post their work too! Additionally it makes me feel more comfortable blogging to all of you knowing I am being transparent with the families of the little ones I care so very much about. Those forms can also be found in this pack!)

I’ve also included a Transportation Form to help you get your little ones to and from school each day. When I get the data from this form, I make a class list of where everyone goes and hang it by the door. It’s super helpful at the ever stressful dismissal time and it’s also a great resource for a Sub!

There are also Back to School Night Reminders, Social Media Handle Sharing and so much more! Check it out here in my TPT store!

If you like what you see, use this to pin it to your boards for later!

Keep you head in the clouds!


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