Seconds Into Second Grade

April 9, 2016 No Comments

My most popular item on Teachers Pay Teachers, is hands down, First Days in First Grade. It was such a blast to create as I got ready for my grade switch to First Grade. With my experience in Second Grade and love for creating new products, I have another product that will be great for the first day or first week of school in second grade. Say hello to Seconds into Second Grade!

Seconds into Second Grade has everything you need to have a fun first week of school while also getting some quick baseline assessments done. Above you see the numbers and letters sheets. These allow a quick assessment of number skills and vowel sounds. It includes long and short vowel sounds.

There are fun activities too, such as Second Guessing! Students estimate how long it will take to do something and then time each other how long it actually takes them to do it. It gets kids up and moving and they just LOVE guessing and trying to beat their estimation.

The bundle also has a self portrait, story board, and summer writing prompt. But don’t take my word for it- check it out here!

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