I'm an Early Childhood Educator whose lifelong passion is teaching. When I'm in the classroom, I feel like I'm floating on cloud nine. Through freebies, resources, tips and tricks, I want to help you live out the classroom of your dreams too while helping your students achieve all of theirs! Let's get this friendship going! Read More

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Pumpkin Investigation!

The baby’s asleep! I was able to get in the shower AND eat lunch AND have time to spare to blog? Today is a good day! (Now if I can keep the dog from escaping the backyard, it’ll upgrade to great- but that’s a…

Christopher Columbus: Explore the Explorer

Whenever there is a day off of school, I like to teach my students all about why they are off. It’s a real world connection to their learning. Plus, it serves as a great conversation piece with their families while they’re home from school!…

All About Apples! An Apple Finale!

I like to end my study of Apples with a day of cooking in the classroom. There is always so much joy when I bring a cooking activity into the classroom. Magic seems to fill the air while curiosity and engagement fill the students…

1200 Followers! THANK YOU!

When I first moved back to Jersey in 2014 from my wonderful time in Boston, I decided I would take the summer off and not work. With my newfound free time (and a boyfriend living two states over), I began exploring how to create…