I'm an Early Childhood Educator whose lifelong passion is teaching. When I'm in the classroom, I feel like I'm floating on cloud nine. Through freebies, resources, tips and tricks, I want to help you live out the classroom of your dreams too while helping your students achieve all of theirs! Let's get this friendship going! Read More

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Spooky, Sneaky, SPIDERS!

There’s one insect that gives me the “creepy crawlies,” but kids seem to LOVE: SPIDERS! Though I get the heebie jeebies over them, spiders are such a fun topic to bring into the classroom. Kids seem to love it! They tend to have a…

An A-Bee Pattern!

These few days off have been so refreshing for me! I think simply clocking a full 7-8 hours of sleep each night has been enough to rejuvenate me. That needs to be a new goal for myself going into the last few months of…

Start of Spring Break + {freebie!}

Do you ever feel like the weeks leading up to a school break all you can think about are your days off? Then, once the break comes around, I find that all I can think about is school! It’s funny how that works. Sometimes…

Thinking Ahead: Open House!

Open House. Back to School Night. Meet the Teacher. No matter what you call it, bringing in families of students can be a bit nerve wracking! All those extra eyes scoping out the room. You want to make sure you’ve dotted all i’s and…