How to Sell on TPT: Tips to Make Money on Teachers Pay Teachers

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How To Sell on TPT

It’s one thing to begin selling on Teachers Pay Teachers, but how do you go from simply having a TPT store to actually making consistent money? There are many small things a TPT seller can do that make huge gains in sales. If you’ve already taken all of the beginning steps to opening up your TPT store, you’re in the right place to learn more about how to increase sales on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you’re looking for how to even begin selling, check out this post here for all the beginning steps (and a free beginner’s sellers checklist!). What are you waiting for? Read on to see everything you need to know on how to sell on TPT and increase sales on your store!

Get a Premium Membership to Sell on TPT

If you are serious about making money on TPT, you’ll want to upgrade to a Premium Membership. This blog post shares exactly how to upgrade, but why is this upgrade so important? Well, let’s do some Math.

(pulled from TPT blog post here)

Assuming you have priced your first product at $3, with a Basic Membership, you would make $1.35 per sale. With a Premium Membership, that same product would earn you $2.40. After 25 sales, you’ve already earned your Premium Membership Fee back. At 60 sales, with a Basic Membership, you’ve earned $81. With a Premium Membership, you would have earned $144. For the same 60 sales, a Premium Membership will pay off its fee PLUS earn you $84. You’ll make money a lot faster with a Premium Membership. As you can see- Premium Membership is the right first step to making beaucoup bucks on TPT. Follow the steps in this article, and you’re well on your way to selling big.

Purchase Professional Fonts and Clip Art

If you want to take your products to the next level, you need to use high quality fonts and clip art. My favorite fonts are these by Kimberly Geswein and my ultimate go to clipart is anything by Creative Clips. Your products will look far more professional when you use professional fonts and clipart. Remember- you want to create a product that the average teacher cannot make on their own and using these fonts and clipart does just that. Just remember, you need to read the Terms of Use for each font and clipart. Then, give credit where credit is due.

Focus on Branding Your Store

When you get a business mindset on your TPT Store, you get business-like results in your bank account. Branding is what takes your TPT Store from small change to big bucks. If you want to know how to sell on TPT, you want to take a look at your branding. Branding incudes but is. not limited to creating a logo, devleoping brand colors you use consistently, and even building your product sheets and product covers with similar templates. Doing all of this makes your products recognizable and gives creditbility to your store. Recognition plus creditability equals more sales!

Take a peek at my store (or click here to see it all!). I’ve got my brand colors consistently in my logo, banner, and product covers. Then, I template each cover to look similar so that if one of my products shows up in a TPT search, a buyer will immediately recognize it as a Classroom on Cloud Nine product. My templates and colors have changed over the years, and that’s okay! As I found myself, I’ve slowly switched my products over to match my colors and templates. Making solid money on TPT is a work in progress! My logo and blog design were made by Designs by Kassie, and I couldn’t recommend her enough! She is definitely someone to check out if you want to sell more on TPT.

Make Your Products Search Friendly to Sell More on TPT

In order to make money, you need your products to be found! Making your products search friendly is key in doing that. First, make a square cover for each product. TPT makes all covers square and making yours square ahead of time maximizes space. On the cover, make your title, SIMPLE and LARGE. It should be easy to read and give a general gist of what it is right away. Similarly, make your product title and description SIMPLE and readable. Your cutesy title “Spooky Scary Stories” won’t show up in a search as well as “Halloween Sight Readers” will. Write your title just as you would type into TPT’s search engine. And remember- put some of those search engine buzz words and keywords into your first paragraph so your future buyer sees exactly what they want when they begin reading! (It’s believed to help in the TPT algorithm as well!)

Market Your Products on Pinterest

Think about how you function as a teacher. How often have you gone straight to Pinterest to search for a potential lesson or idea? Other teachers are doing the same! By creating pins, you can get free marketing and advertising of your products. Just use the same methods as mentioned above: keep it simple, readable, and include search phrases you think your ideal customer may type in- then link it to your product!

How to Sell on TPT? It’s Time to Make a Blog!

Pinterest isn’t the only way to market your TPT Products. Blogs are NOT dead. Articles and posts on a blog are great ways to share your knowledge and ideas while also plugging a product. Check out my Basketball Madness post. There are tons of information and links to products that will help a teacher searching for different ideas infused with my Basketball Madness product. Tons of my TPT traffic comes straight from the blog. I pin my blog posts as well. Now, I’ve spread my product reach to TPT, Pinterest AND Google (or whatever your preferred search engine is!).

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

If you really want to know how to sell on TPT, you have to gain a marathon mindset. Making money on TPT is a long term game. Your products may have a slow start, but over time, as they gain momentum, they move up the search ranking on TPT and will gain more eyes which will gain more sales. Time is on your side with selling on Teachers Pay Teachers. Lace up your sneakers and know this won’t be a quick jog, but months of training for a long marathon run- but trust me, crossing that finish line and making consistent great money on TPT will totally be worth it!

Which tips resonate with you? What questions do you still have? Leave a comment below- I LOVE engaging with fellow TPT sellers! If you’re looking for even more tips, sign up below for my Newsletter!

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