Cooking Up a Great Year in Kindergarten! – {A Back to School, All About Me Unit!}

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I know, I know. Summer vacation should be about rest and relaxation, but I’m already getting inspiration for beginning of the year activities! I have had a Cooking Themed classroom for the last few years, so this only seemed fitting for me to create:

Cooking Up a Great Year in Kindergarten!

Check out the major craftivity of the unit below: A Menu of Me Lap Book!

The Menu of Me is a lift the flap craftivity that allows kiddos to share about themselves: What makes them special, Their house, Their teacher, Their Family, What they want to be when they grow up, What they do outside of school, and their favorite subject!

How fun are those “Favorites” flaps?! 

There’s also this adorable Hopes and Dreams craftivity. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Responsive Classroom, students start the year documenting their hopes and dreams for the school year, sharing, and displaying them in the classroom. Keeping with the theme, the lift the flap plate cover allows for an adorable way to display your student’s hopes and dreams around the classroom! These are so sweet, I may keep them up all year!

There’s also Chef Self Portraits! There is a boy and girl version with the face already done- just needs to be colored as well as a boy and girl version with a blank face for students to draw their own. As an integrated teacher, it’s always important to me to try to develop ways for all students to participate in the activities despite their learning styles. (There’s differentiated options for the hopes and dreams as well!)

And of course, how do you end the first day without creating your own chef hat to wear while holding this first day of school sign?! I cannot wait to hang them up and compare them to our future last day of school pics! Cute factor overload!

Check out your own copy of Cooking Up a Great Year in Kindergarten!

As for me, I’ll be at the pool! (I can’t create ALL Summer Vacation, can I?!)

PS. This also goes great with my

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