About Mrs. Sydorko!

Hi friends! My name is Dianne Sydorko and I have been teaching for 6+ years, all at the early childhood level (2 years Inclusion PreK, 2 Years Kindergarten, 1 Year First Grade, 2 Years Second Grade)!

After graduating from my {beloved} alma mater, Boston College (proud Double Eagle! B.A. 2010, M.Ed 2013), I began my teaching career in the city and suburbs of Boston for four years.

So, HOW did this Jersey girl end up moving back to her hometown? Oh what a journey it has been! In late 2011, at barely age 60, my dear mother was diagnosed with non-smokers lung cancer (never smoked a day in her life!). My coping mechanism? Running! I began to channel my emotions into fundraising for cancer research during Boston Marathon training. Mid training season, in 2013, just two months before the marathon, my mother lost her battle with cancer, and I found myself 25 years old and without a mom.

With my grief still fresh, I was trapped on the course at Mile 21 when the tragic marathon bombings went off. Needless to say, 2013 tested that little old heart of mine. I did, however, not only return in 2014, but finished all 26.2 miles of the marathon! Phew!

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Is she not the cutest?

Most of all, though, beyond the crazy year I had, there is one ultimately strong force that had pulled me back to my hometown. That force? My sweet, precious sister, Danielle. Danielle is 36 years old, but was born mentally disabled, leaving her with the mind and capabilities of a five-year-old. She lives and breathes off of visits with myself and our brother. Being 300 miles away from her and knowing she couldn’t fully understand what that meant pulled at my heartstrings a bit too much. Thus, much to her delight, I’m back in the Garden State and pursuing legal guardianship of this sweet little one.

When I’m not teaching, blogging, pinning, or creating things for all of the above, you can find me running, baking, or spending time with my amazing family, friends, and husband.

I’m excited to have this outlet to share the amazing career that is
teaching with all of you! Teachers and blogs create great communities!
Welcome to my little cloud nine!

Keep your head in the clouds!