Veterans are the Heart of America

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Does your school do anything special to celebrate Veterans Day? Annually, my school has held an incredible Veterans Day assembly. Students and Staff invite any veterans that are in their family to be honored. It is so humbling to hear the stories of our veterans. My own dad is a Navy veteran (though he doesn’t like to be recognized for it, no matter how much I try!)

Part of the assembly responsibilities is decor by students. Admittedly, one year, I forgot to have my class make something and we needed a craft- STAT. Thus came, this now staple of my Veterans Day lessons!

The beauty of this is it’s no prep! All you need is to print the sheet and offer some green, brown, and black construction paper!

I’ve also seen these done with red, white and blue construction paper for a more American flag look!

Students gain huge fine motor skills by building hand strength through ripping and tearing. I love crafts that have the same directions but can look their own unique way. We always discuss ripping Goldilocks sized pieces- not too big, not too small, but just right!

 Snag your copy here to get a simple,  NO PREP Veterans Day craft!

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