Selfie Portraits

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One of my first jobs as a teacher was in a district that celebrated learning at the end of the year with a Portfolio Day. We as teachers collected pieces of work throughout the year to pull together in their end of year Kindergarten portfolio. It was a little piece of pride and joy for the kiddos as well as the teachers!

After that experience, I always find myself looking for ways to show tangible growth across the school year. I loved having pieces of the portfolio to pull out in IEP meetings, parent teacher conferences, or just to show students how much they’ve improved since September! My favorite piece of growth has always been self portraits. I LOVE seeing how the fine motor skills grow and how much detail students start to add into their self portraits each month. I couldn’t help myself, but to embrace the children’s love of selfies with, Selfie Portraits!

Each month has themed clip art and a cell phone for students to draw their selfie! Instead of the usual mirror we’ve used in the past to look at to make a self portrait, I also allowed students to use the classroom ipads to look at their own selfie to help them draw! 

Plus, it includes monthly name writing practice on the line at the top! Another great piece of growth to show parents throughout the year. Check out some more samples below! You can purchase Selfie Portraits from my TPT store, here.

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