First Day Series: First Day in K!

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Hi Friends! Can you believe it’s August 1st? Or in my world, the *OFFICIAL* start of Back to School readiness! I always think of August 1st as the pinnacle day in beginning my prep for next year! I’d love to say I’ve already gotten into my classroom, but there is literally, NO FLOOR in there yet. Trying to stay glass half full and remember, I’m getting a brand new *tile* floor (no more rugs to makeshift clean up spills, drips, and drops anymore!) even if that means getting into my room at the tail end of summer!

In the mean time, I’ll continue to prep some of the materials I may need for the start of the year. Back to School is what got me my start in the TPT world and blogosphere. By far, my most popular product has been First Days in First Grade– the very first product I ever made!

You can read some more about it in my early days here! Can you believe how dated that old cover looks from just a few years ago? I like to think I’ve stepped my blogging game up since then!

However, as I know far too well, grade assignments are constantly changing, and I’d love to get resources out to teachers of as many grade levels as I can! As you may have seen before, Seconds into Second Grade debuted this past spring!

You can read about the details of the product in my previous post here.

This summer, I decided to add another to the series. Introducing, First Day in K!

Come take a peek at some of the activities you’ll find for your sweet kinders to do during the first week of school!

I love to discuss First Day Feelings on the first day of school regardless of grade level. It’s important to acknowledge the plethora of emotions students may feel as they embark on a new adventure with many new faces- including their teacher’s!

There’s also they very adorable Put the Kind in Kindergarten! A great way for the littlest learners to think about how to be kind to one another. This is an excellent extension activity for the very popular Bucket Fillers theme. It also flows well from talking about feelings on the first day to general feelings of students everyday.

Coloring pages in Kindergarten are an excellent warm up. Most students have positive experiences with crayons and coloring and it helps ease tensions on the first day. Plus- it’s a great Pre-Assessment and wonderful to save for portfolios to compare to the last day of school art masterpieces!

 How simple is this color word K sheet? You could do this whole class or individually!

Finally, the First Day in K flip book! SO simple to make, even for the littlest learners! Plus, it’s an adorable way to share All About Me facts and another opportunity for students to get to know each other and make connections. Plus- it’s another great portfolio keepsake! I love this one! I can’t wait to use it!

Remember, you can purchase the entire pack here in my TPT store!

What are some of your go-to activities for the first week of school?!

Keep your head in the clouds!



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