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Highlights from classrooms past!

Last year’s Kindergarten cooking theme:

Check out the picture below. Here’s a snapshot at how I use these Restaurant Regulars in the classroom!

Top Chefs: Instead of Table Captains, I have Top Chefs. Each group of students has a Top Chef for the week. Top Chefs collect and distribute materials for their group, wipe down tables after snack, sweep up under tables as well as whatever other tasks I may call on them for throughout the week.

Today’s Specials: Our daily objectives! (I almost couldn’t handle how adorably well that worked!)

Ingredients: Here is where I post notations for not only what supplies the students will need for whatever they are working on, but also the order they should use them. We all know the dreaded glue before coloring and suddenly the paper is too soggy to color! Or markers that bleed through because something should have been cut and pasted prior to coloring. This helps prevent that as well as allows kids to have a self checking system without having the teacher repeat directions.

The Menu: This is where I post the weekly centers or stations so students know where they are on which days.

A Fresh Batch of Kindergarteners! Cookie Nametags

Jaguars Cook Up Success: Class Rules glued on the plates and plastic utensils hot glued on a napkin before stapled up on the board. Students LOVED this!

Recipe for Reading, Mixing Up Some Math, and of course, how perfect that Popcorn Words fit with a Cooking Theme! 

Our Ice Cream Job Chart! Jobs stapled on the cones. Names push pinned on the scoops. Rotate scoops each week!

A Peek into My First Few Years Teaching:

 FINDING everything Okay? Perfect for an ocean themed room or an Under the Sea coatroom as I had!

 I took pictures of the kids in hard hats and posted them above the board.

Then, I would post their prewriting, sloppy copy, AND neat sheet all fanned out on the board so that students would know that each part mattered!

 Is there a more fun way to learn how to tell time than seeing what time it was all over the world? I chose Haiti, Ireland, and Vietnam due to the large population of Haitian, Irish and Vietnamese students in the school.

 And of course, what Boston Classroom is complete without the Green Monster?

I introduce you to: Wally’s Word Wall!