An A-Bee Pattern!

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These few days off have been so refreshing for me! I think simply clocking a full 7-8 hours of sleep each night has been enough to rejuvenate me. That needs to be a new goal for myself going into the last few months of school.

Keeping with my Bug and Insect theme I plan to start when I return, I have another unit I’m eager to get going on- it’s quite.. buzzworthy! 😉

It’s An A-Bee Pattern!

I really strived to make it kid-friendly and hands on driven.

I plan to start my unit on patterns by introducing bees. It’s an ideal segway from our overarching insect theme to an intro to patterns. Talk about a perfect real world example of learning in the classroom.

I always make sure to have my students color the key. This helps create more independence as they continue with their coloring. I also chose Color by Letters to create exposure to letter-sound recognition and phonemic awareness.

My older kiddos would be able to cut and paste in addition to creating patterns so this was made in particular with them in mind.

I can’t wait to encourage my higher thinkers to color in a pattern as well when they finish.

I always try to include hands on, center activities in addition to a worksheet. You can only do a worksheet once, but hands on activities can be thrown into rotations, centers, and work groups throughout an entire unit!

I’ve created books your kiddos can use to help get started with working on patterns!

Just Laminate, connect books with a brass fastener, and throw in a center! Pattern starters help the kiddos who are still catching the hang of it, while blank sheets allow students to expand their knowledge and carry their patterns differently than just an AB, ABC pattern.

As their practice improves, allow them the chance to record their pattern!

Voila! Differentiated instruction, tactile learning, and special ed friendly!

Purchase the entire A-Bee Pattern Unit here!

What are some of your favorite ways to teach and practice patterns in your classroom?

Keep your head in the clouds!

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